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Optimize your server’s anonymity with Offentlig IPv4

A static IPv4 address with all ports open

Your Dedicated IP Solution

VPN services often share IP addresses among multiple users, limiting your server's potential. But with Public IPv4, you gain exclusive access to a dedicated IP.

Exclusive Access Control

A dedicated IP empowers administrators to curate a select list of authorized IP addresses, ensuring unwavering security.

Global Accessibility

Access your server from anywhere, at any time, even without a VPN connection. It ensures seamless connections and superior control.

Simplified Setup

Say goodbye to dynamic DNS services when using a domain. The Public IPv4 add-on streamlines your setup process.

Protocol neutral

Our Public IPv4 add-on works with both WireGuard and OpenVPN, allowing a wide variety of devices to use it

Enkel å bruke

Running websites or game servers behind a constantly changing IP can be a hassle. Public IPv4 guarantees a static IP that never changes.

Seven layers of security

Your privacy and security is the core focus of OVPN. That's why we've implemented a multi-layered security model.

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Fortified Security with OVPN

Protect your data from prying eyes. OVPN, a no-log VPN provider, ensures your privacy whether you're using the standard service or the Public IPv4 add-on.

Location Masking

Choose your server's location from a wide range of cities worldwide. You can be in the United States but appear with an IP address in Sweden.

Universal Port Access

Unlock all ports with the Public IPv4 add-on, making server configuration a breeze. Ideal for media servers, like Plex, that require open ports outside the usual range.

Email Reliability

Easily configure the PTR (Reverse DNS) for your IP address within our dashboard, ensuring your emails reach their intended destination—not the spam folder.

Best of both worlds

Our dedicated IP offers the security you expect from us, but with a twist! With a static IP, your assigned address is exclusively yours throughout your subscription.

How It Works

It operates similarly to a shared IP. In both scenarios, OVPN encrypts and directs your internet traffic through a VPN server. The key distinction lies in the fact that with a static IP, the assigned IP address remains exclusively dedicated to you for the duration of your subscription. No other user can be assigned your IP address.

Is Public IPv4 Right for You?

Since the IP address is solely allocated to you, it does mean that your online activity can be more easily linked to you. Consequently, there are some considerations to bear in mind.

😀 Ideal Use Cases

The Public IPv4 add-on is a very useful tool for a lot of situations, such as:

  • Running a game server behind VPN
  • Hosting media servers securely
  • Operating web servers behind a VPN
  • Establishing a static IP for local resources

🤔 When to Choose Otherwise

While Public IPv4 offers substantial benefits, it may not be the best choice for every situation:

  • Casual browsing
  • Streaming on platforms like Netflix
  • Social media scrolling on TikTok
  • Watch YouTube videos

Choose Public IPv4 when your need for a dedicated, secure IP outweighs anonymity concerns.

$4 / månedlig

To keep our prices low, the above price is based on normal consumer usage. For commercial usage with higher bandwidth consumption, please reach out to our support for tailored pricing. Commercial usage without approval may lead to account termination without refund.