Increase your security with built-in filtering

Blocks advertising and trackers, and identifies malware and malicious web pages

Filter any unwanted noise

The OVPN Filtering add-on blocks advertising and trackers - regardless if placed in an email sent to you or if encountered on web pages.

For the first time, you get a holistic solution protecting you from businesses tracking your actions on the internet.

Protect yourself from malicious web pages and emails

Thousands of websites that attempt to hack your computer or steal your credit card information are blocked. You never have to worry about them ever again!

Every day 160 crimes are committed related to internet fraud in Sweden. Do not become the next victim.

Removal of traffic source

Website owners can track which websites that referred you to their page, which in turn can reveal your identity.

Become a part of dark traffic by automatically hiding your traffic source to conceal the web page you came from. By hiding your traffic source you take another step towards being fully anonymous on the internet.

Works on all devices and browsers

All devices that support OVPN can easily use the filtering add-on.

No additional setup is needed to install the add-on and all devices using OVPN are protected. The filtering add-on works in all browsers.

The only thing you have to do is choose the add-on in the OVPN client when connecting.

Did we mention it's fast?

As all filtering happens on our servers, your device will not suffer any load which would be the case with using services such as Adblock+ & Ghostery.


trackers are blocked

141 969

malware & spyware pages are blocked


advertising networks are blocked

Complete list of features

No logs
Increases your browsing speed
Blocks advertising
Blocks trackers/web beacons
Blocks phishing pages
Blocks malware pages
Adds Do Not Track (DNT) header
Removes the HTTP header Via
Removes the HTTP header Referer
Removes the HTTP header X-Forwarded-For