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Why VPN?

Watch Swedish television from abroad

If you have moved abroad or are on holiday, it can be difficult to access the streaming services you want since streaming services are locked to a specific geographical location due to various copyrig...

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Protocol discrimination

Some ISP's discriminates certain types of traffic. Regardless if your ISP limits your Internet speed to Netflix, or if it doesn’t allow VoIP services, all these troubles are nonexistent when using OVP...

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Encrypted traffic

All your traffic is encrypted. You can now browse the internet safely. If you are not connected to a VPN service when you are connected to a wireless network, everyone connected to the same network ca...

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We prevent all blocking and filtering making your web browsing safer and completely uncensored. ...

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The data retention directive

According to the data retention directive, all European ISPs are required to log which IP addresses their customers use, and agree to give out this information if asked by authorities. With OVPN, ...

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Authorities monitors everything we do on the Internet. If you don’t want others to see what you are doing online, OVPN is perfect for you....

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