Security & anonymity

Is my IP address hidden?

Yes. When you are connected to OVPN, you get a new IP address. We have hundreds of IPv4 addresses, making it extremely rare that you ever get the same IP address twice. OVPN is also one of few VPN ...

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How secure is OVPN?

OVPN provides a very secure VPN service. We use AES-256-GCM behind a 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key in order to encrypt the data traffic. A lot of time has been spent to guarantee that no logs are being ...

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Disable WebRTC if you are using Chrome, Firefox or Opera

WebRTC is an API that is built into Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It enables a direct link between browsers for services like VoIP. Unfortunately, it has been revealed that it’s possi...

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Can I share files anonymously?

Absolutely. You are completely anonymous when sharing files. All of our subscriptions allow and encrypt bittorrent traffic. Your real IP address will never be visible to other people. The IP address ...

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Do you store logs?

We don’t store any logs. We can’t see the users that are connected to our servers, and we have no clue about what you’re doing while you are connected. OVPN is the only VPN provider that goes into det...

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Is all traffic encrypted?

All your internet traffic is automatically encrypted when you're connected to OVPN. Some VPN providers only encrypt web traffic, but OVPN encrypts all your traffic with the strongest encryption al...

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