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How many IP addresses do you have?

We have thousands of IPv4 addresses, meaning it’s unlikely to get the same IP address twice. OVPN is also one of a few providers offering built-in support for IPv6. We have billions of IPv6 addresse...

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What do you do about DNS leaks?

We operate our own public DNS servers that are used by your OpenVPN client. You can also permanently replace your current DNS servers with ours on your computer to make sure your ISP can’t get any...

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Do you support port forwarding?

Yes, you can open up to seven ports. Go to the Settings page and click on Port Forwarding. When you open a port, you can choose if it should be a TCP, UDP, or TCP and UDP port. Do note that you can ...

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Are any ports blocked?

No ports are blocked whatsoever. We trust our customers not to spam others. If a user is sending spam we will start closing ports....

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Which country will the IP address belong to?

It depends on which data center you connect to. OVPN has servers in multiple countries, and typically, the IP addresses will appear as that country.In some cases, the P addresses might appear as being...

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Shared or dedicated IP addresses?

Every time you connect to OVPN, you are assigned a new IP address. Currently, we have a couple of thousand unique IPv4 addresses and several billion IPv6 addresses. Using our ordinary service, several...

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