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Mobile app

How do I connect in the mobile app?

Connecting on the OVPN mobile app is super easy, simply press the OVPN logo in the app. It will switch from gray to blue and start spinning, indicating that you are connected. By default, it will auto...

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How do I select which country to connect to in the mobile app?

First, make sure you are not connected to OVPN. By default, the OVPN mobile app will perform some network measurements to check which server is the best one to connect to. If you prefer to manually se...

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How do I disconnect from a server in the mobile app?

Disconnecting from a server in the OVPN mobile app is easy and can be done with a single click. When the app is opened on your mobile device, you'll see the OVPN logo. If it is gray, you are already d...

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Explanation: Communicate with LAN devices

By default, this options is disabled. This switch allows you to control whether the device should be able to communicate with other devices on the same local network while connected to a VPN server. I...

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Explanation: Regenerate every

Unlike OpenVPN, WireGuard use key pairs to authenticate to VPN servers. To alleviate some potential privacy issues with WireGuard's implementation of key pairs, our mobile applications automatically r...

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Explanation: Regenerate key

While the mobile application replace keys automatically, it is also possible regenerate keys manually. By clicking Regenerate key, your current key pair will be replaced with a new one, regardless of...

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Block ads & trackers

In the mobile app for Android and iOS, it is possible to block ads and trackers. This feature changes your DNS addresses to special ad blocking DNS addresses and will filter all hostname lookups towar...

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Always-On VPN

With Always-on VPN activated, your device automatically establishes a VPN connection as soon as the device is turned on. If the VPN connection fails for whatever reason, your internet access will be b...

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Mobile: Dark mode

The mobile client can be run with both the default white look, as well as a dark mode where bright colors are replaced with darker hues. On both iOS and Android, the client will use the mode your phon...

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