Swish: Issue with incorrect amount

This error message looks something like: "You paid X SEK but was supposed to pay Z SEK." This usually only occurs when buying add-ons. If you get this error message, try the following: Relo...

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What is your privacy policy?

In short: You are completely anonymous when you are using our VPN service. If you wish to read a detailed privacy policy, you can find it here: privacy policy. The privacy policy is written in layman’...

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Who are the people behind OVPN?

OVPN is operated by OVPN Integritet AB. Organization number: 556999-4469. The people working on OVPN are David Wibergh, Tamas Szabo, Ruben Rehn, Maximilian Holm, Alexander Borodulya, Alexander...

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Can I connect to OVPN with ChromeOS?

ChromeOS uses unique .onc-files which we do not offer. If you want to connect on ChromeOS we suggest using a router-based solution....

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