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What is your privacy policy?

In short: You are completely anonymous when you are using our VPN service. If you wish to read a detailed privacy policy, you can find it here: privacy policy. The privacy policy is written in layman’...

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Who are the people behind OVPN?

OVPN is operated by OVPN Integritet AB. Organization number: 556999-4469. The owner of OVPN is Pango. ...

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Swish: Issue with incorrect amount

This error message looks something like: "You paid X SEK but was supposed to pay Z SEK." This usually only occurs when buying add-ons. If you get this error message, try the following: Reload the pay...

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Encryption of e-mails sent to customers.

Update: This functionality has been removed as few of our customers chose to use it. If you have a PGP key connected to your e-mail address, you can add it to OVPN in order for e-mails sent...

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Can I connect to OVPN with ChromeOS?

ChromeOS uses unique .onc-files which we do not offer. If you want to connect on ChromeOS we suggest using a router-based solution....

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Cancel subscription

A subscription is created by default when purchasing via credit cards and PayPal. Other payment methods do not create recurring subscriptions and therefore the subscription will be cancelled automatic...

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How can I get a refund?

At OVPN we have a 10-day refund policy for the first purchase. As long as you contact us about a refund within 10 days of the first purchase, you can get a full refund.When you contact us about your r...

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Which countries do you have servers in?

OVPN has an ever-growing list of locations. For a full, up-to-date list of our locations please check our Network page....

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Microsoft Office says I'm offline while connected to OVPN

If Microsoft Office-products (or some other Windows applications) give an error message that you are offline while connected, it's possible you're afflicted by a Windows bug caused by the way Windows ...

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I'm a gamer. What's the best solution for me?

If you're a gamer and want to use a VPN while gaming, we recommend using WireGuard. It offers the best speed, the lowest packet loss, and the best latency -- all of which are important while gaming....

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Setting a static IP address in AsusWRT Merlin

Setting a static IP address on devices that you use a lot is quite beneficial, especially if you need to forward ports over WAN or LAN. To set a static IP address for a device in AsusWRT Merlin, follo...

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Activate the killswitch in AsusWRT Merlin

AsusWRT Merlin has a built-in killswitch that ensures nothing will leak over the WAN connection. While not necessary, it is recommended that you set a static IP address on your devices beforehand. To ...

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Port forwarding in AsusWRT Merlin

Before you continue with this guide it is strongly recommended that you set a static IP address and activate the killswitch. You will also need to open the designated ports over the VPN connection, yo...

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Opening ports in the Windows Defender firewall

VPN connections are often seen as public networks on Windows with separate firewall rules from those on your private network. This can cause some issues with port forwarding, as you may notice that st...

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How do I use qBittorrent with OVPN?

qBittorrent is a free and open-source BitTorrent client. This article explains how to use qBittorrent with OVPN to ensure both speed and security. 1. Enable Port Forwarding on Choose the VPN ...

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