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Do you only use OpenVPN, or are you also offering PPTP?

We don’t offer PPTP. PPTP has become obsolete and is regarded a security risk by experts. Microsoft has stated that you shouldn’t use PPTP. You can read our article explaining the security flaws for P...

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Is it possible to use the same account on several different devices?

The same account can be used on multiple devices at the same time. The number of devices you can connect simultaneously is visible on the dashboard. You can generate custom configuration files for dif...

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Where can I see my receipts?

You can find all of your receipts by logging into the website. Once logged in, go to billing (located in the menu button in the upper-right corner)....

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How do I see how much time is left on my subscription?

Go to the dashboard. On the right hand side, you will see how much time you have left on your subscription. If there is no time left, you need to renew your subscription in order to keep on using OVP...

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I have forgotten my password!

If you entered a valid email address when you signed up, it’s possible to reset your password. However, if you entered an invalid email address, there is unfortunately nothing we can do. We encoura...

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Refer your friends

When you purchase an OVPN subscription, you get promotion codes. You can give these codes to your friends for them to use when they sign up. If you have received a promo code and then purchase an OV...

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Verify ownership of account

When you contact our support team, we might ask you to verify yourself as the owner of the account. This doesn’t mean that you should send us your password or any kind of personal information about yo...

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How do I disable IPv6?

By default, OVPN assigns an IPv4 and IPv6 address for all users. However, since some devices don't support IPv6 it's possible to deactivate the IPv6 assignment. When you’re logged into the website,...

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Does Plex work while using OVPN?

Plex does work when using OVPN, but you need to order the service for Public IPv4 to be able to reach your Plex server outside your network. Our default subscription is using shared IP addresses, mean...

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Opening ports

A big upside with OVPN is that you can forward ports while you are connected. If you purchase the Public IPv4 add-on, then all ports are opened by default and you do not need to follow this guide. Thi...

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I have forgotten my username

You can log in using both your username and email address as username. However, if you haven't entered an email address and forgot your username we can help you locate your username. In order to help ...

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How does OVPN keep track of simultaneous devices?

You can use OVPN to connect on multiple devices simultaneously. In order to keep track of the number of connections you have, OVPN uses a device counter. This device counter does not use any identifia...

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Does OVPN allow file sharing/P2P/Bittorrent/uTorrent?

OVPN is entirely neutral regarding what is sent through our VPN servers. We are a provider and don't believe it's up to us to decide what is allowed and isn't allowed to be sent through our VPN server...

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Does OVPN support IPv6?

OVPN supports IPv4 and IPv6 on all our VPN servers. IPv6 is enabled by default on all created user accounts for security purposes. Do note that certain devices do not have support for IPv6 which means...

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Number of allowed connections

Number of allowed connections refer to the total number of devices a user can have connected to OVPN at the same time. Every customer start with 4 devices initially. In addition to these 4 devices, it...

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Adblock DNS

Our adblock DNS removes ads and trackers from any device you connect from, while still keeping you safe by only using DNS servers owned and operated by us. Best of all, you don't need to install any a...

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Split tunneling on Windows

Split tunneling allows you to direct internet traffic through the secure OVPN connection while letting other traffic use the regular internet connection for improved functionality and flexibility. Sp...

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