Update your OVPNbox

The steps to update your OVPNbox are the following:

  1. Disconnect all groups from OVPN.
  2. Download Putty or another SSH program if you use Windows. Once downloaded, start the program.
  3. SSH to the box using the IP address and port 22. Note that you need to be connected to the box for this to work. If you use OS X or Linux, type ssh admin@ in a terminal window.
  4. Login as admin. Once prompted, enter the password ovpnbox. If you have changed your pfSense password, enter your new password instead.
  5. You will be prompted with various options. Choose option 8
  6. Type:  /usr/local/bin/

The box will download and apply the latest version. Once done, the box will be updated. If you're unsure about any of the aforementioned steps, please contact our customer support.