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Desktop client

Explanation: killswitch

The OVPN client has a functionality called killswitch, which guarantees that no traffic becomes unencrypted if you should – at any point – lose the connection to OVPN. If the connection to OVPN is lo...

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Explanation: prevent DNS leaks

The OVPN client holds a functionality to ensure that no DNS leaks occur. The client changes the settings of all available network adapters on your device so that your computer uses OVPN’s DNS servers,...

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Explanation: connect to OVPN when client starts

Our OVPN client has a functionality to connect to OVPN directly when the client is started. Thus, you are not required to manually choose to connect on client startup. The automatic connection can...

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Explanation: display verbose message upon connection

The OVPN client has a functionality to display a detailed message when you are connected to the client. This functionality can be activated/inactivated from the Settings tab in the client. If inactiva...

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Explanation: minimize to system tray

The OVPN client has a functionality that minimizes the client to the system tray. This means that if you minimize the client, it will keep running and be available as a small icon in the system tray. ...

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I’ve renewed my subscription/add-on but can’t see it in the client.

If you’ve renewed your subscription or bought an add-on while the client was running, you need to close and restart the client for the renewal to be activated properly. ...

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Explanation: connect using TCP 443

The OVPN client has a functionality called Connect using TCP 443, which means that the connection to our servers will use TCP as the protocol and 443 as the port number. The default setting is UDP and...

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Verify that the killswitch is working as intended

To verify that the killswitch works as intended, you can simulate a situation in which the killswitch should activate. You can do this in the following way: Windows: Launch OVPNConnect to a serverOpe...

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Reset killswitch

If you lack Internet connectivity either while using the OVPN desktop client, or afterwards, it is possible that the killswitch have locked itself. There are three ways to reset the killswitch: Restar...

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Explanation: send anonymous usage data

This feature was added in version 1.1.6 and is by default deactivated. In order to improve the client, this setting sends anonymous usage data in order for us to catch bugs and exceptions faster. If ...

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Does the client work on Ubuntu 17.04?

Ubuntu 17.04 introduced a lot of changes. As a result, the OVPN client does not work properly on Ubuntu 17.04.The desktop client requires Ubuntu 18.04 or later....

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Explanation: IPv6

With OVPN you can tunnel your data over both IPv4 and IPv6. Do note that certain devices do not have support for IPv6 which means that your connection may fail with IPv6 activated on your account. Yo...

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Explanation: launch on startup

The OVPN desktop client has functionality to launch automatically when your computer boots. The desktop client will check for two minutes during startup if there's an internet connection, and then sta...

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Explanation: Killswitch failed

The OVPN client has a built-in killswitch that automatically blocks your internet connection in case of leaks. If you are connected in the client and you can see a yellow light together with the text ...

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Explanation: compression

Compression might increase your internet speed and OVPN therefore supports it. However, there are some security issues with having compression enabled and visiting websites over HTTP. You can enable/...

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Explanation: enable notifications

OVPN's desktop client can display notifications based on events that occur. These notifications can be about events such as connections, disconnects or if the killswitch fires. It's possible to enab...

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Legacy clients

In some cases our client may not support older operating systems. To use our client on these systems you will need to install an older version of the client. You find these here: MacOS /OS X OS X 10.1...

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Explanation: use strongest encryption

OVPN's desktop client has a feature named Use strongest encryption, which is enabled by default. The setting controls which encryption algorithm is used for the VPN tunnel. If enabled, the AES-256-GC...

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Explanation: attach logs & diagnostic data

Includes client logs and diagnostic data with the support ticket. The logs and diagnostic information contain the version number of the client you are using, whether you're connecting with any add-on ...

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Explanation: Use recommended encryption suite

OpenVPN 2.5.0 brings a new encryption called ChaCha20-Poly1305 which is our new recommended default cipher. ChaCha20-Poly1305 is a stream cipher (compared to AES which is a block cipher) and thus offe...

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Explanation: Wintun

VPN connections like OpenVPN and WireGuard use virtual network adapters in order to establish a connection. It is used to establish a bridge between two different networks, which allows communication ...

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Explanation: Receive beta updates

If you embrace change, brave the depths, and always want the latest technology, then our beta program is for you. With this option enabled, you'll always receive updates and security fixes before ever...

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Connect using WireGuard

To connect using WireGuard in the desktop client, click on the Cogwheel icon and then the Connection icon. You'll be presented with a bunch of settings for the VPN connection, toggle the option Connec...

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Connect using OpenVPN

To connect using OpenVPN in the client, click on the Cogwheel icon and then the Connection icon. You'll be presented with a bunch of settings for the VPN connection, toggle the option Connect using Op...

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Explanation: MTU

This setting toggles on or off manual configuration of the MTU value. If disabled, allows you to enter a custom value. Maximum transmission unit (MTU) defines largest data packet that can be transmitt...

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Desktop: Regenerate every

Unlike OpenVPN, WireGuard use key pairs to authenticate to VPN servers. To alleviate some potential privacy issues with WireGuard's implementation of key pairs, our desktop application automatically...

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