Browser extension

Explanation: block WebRTC

WebRTC is an API available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The purpose of the API is to enable a direct link between web browsers when using services like VoIP and file sharing peer-to-p...

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Explanation: block ads

Improve your user experience online by blocking ads.By enabling this feature, thousands of different ad networks are blocked....

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Explanation: block trackers

Further protect your privacy by blocking trackers that attempt to track your movements online.By enabling this feature, thousands of different trackers are blocked....

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Explanation: send anonymous usage data

This feature is by default deactivated. In order to improve the client, this setting sends anonymous usage data in order for us to catch bugs and exceptions faster. If the setting is activated it wil...

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Explanation: warn on closed client

A notification in the browser is displayed if the desktop client is turned off....

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Explanation: purge cookies & storage

When activated, the extension removes all cookies and information a website stores on your computer as soon as you leave their website. All third-party cookies are blocked as well, and the HTTP referr...

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