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IP address

Internet provider

Amazon Data Services NoVa

Not secure

Your internet provider can monitor what you do online.

Browser extension

Explanation: block WebRTC

WebRTC is an API available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The purpose of the API is to enable a direct link between web browsers when using services like VoIP and file sharing peer-to-p...

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Explanation: block ads

Improve your user experience online by blocking ads.By enabling this feature, thousands of different ad networks are blocked....

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Explanation: block trackers

Further protect your privacy by blocking trackers that attempt to track your movements online.By enabling this feature, thousands of different trackers are blocked....

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Explanation: warn on closed client

A notification in the browser is displayed if the desktop client is turned off....

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Explanation: purge cookies & storage

When activated, the extension removes all cookies and information a website stores on your computer as soon as you leave their website. All third-party cookies are blocked as well, and the HTTP referr...

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