Release of new client

author David Wibergh, about Announcements, Products & features

It's finally time to release an updated version of OVPNs custom built OpenVPN client (v1.1.0.445). The first beta release occurred on December 23, 2015.

Since the release, we've continuously been working and improving the client. We've pushed over 100 commits of code changes between these two versions.



Open source

We will open source this version of the client if it proves to be stable enough. We haven't wanted to open source the client before since we don't want people working on legacy code which isn't optimized.


  • Changed icon of client in task bar
  • Changed title of client
  • Corrected bug of faulty text of login button when login failed
  • Corrected bug that blocked internal network traffic
  • Corrected bug which prevented the kill switch from being disabled
  • Corrected bug which prevented DNS servers to be replaced
  • Fixed incorrect file paths
  • Functionality to choose best server in a specific country
  • Improvements in the GUI
  • Improvements in how active network adapters are found
  • Improvements in detailing various error messages related to connection attempts
  • Implemented code to cleanup previous installations
  • Included support of block-outside-dns for Windows
  • Include log rotations to facilitate debugging of errors
  • Restart DNScrypt processes if they unexpectedly die
  • Replaced ppa:anton+/dnscrypt with ppa:xuzhen666/dnscrypt
  • Replaced netsh utility with Windows Firewall API
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Support for Ubuntu 32 bit
  • Support of special characters in usernames & passwords
  • Support of special characters in network adapter names
  • Update DNS servers if DNScrypt dies
  • Update OpenVPN to 2.3.10
  • Update OpenSSL