Planned service interruption December 12: Stockholm data center affected between 05:30-11:00 UTC

author Maximilian Holm, about Status & transparency reports

On Wednesday, December 12, we will move our Stockholm servers to a new data center. In addition to moving the servers to a new data center, we will update the servers to the latest disk image mentioned previously assuming everything goes well in our tests. The website will also be affected and may cause problems logging into the client. However, it will still be possible to connect to all of our other servers.

The new data center has improved security measures and will be able to provide us with a 40 Gbit/s connection to our Stockholm servers. Our current bandwidth in Stockholm is 20 Gbit/s so the new bandwidth will be double that of what we currently have.

No new configuration files will need to downloaded after the maintenance is completed.

Date and time for service interruption

Start date and time: 2018-12-12 05:30 UTC (YYMMDD)
End date and time: 2018-12-12 11:00 UTC (YYMMDD)